Saturday, January 01, 2005

Why I am proud to be a Plant Breeder?

Plant breeding was the science which existed as long as the humans did... It probably started when the first man was hungry.. and when he selected what to eat... and when he probably thought to have his favourite food near his home.... He did exploration, collection and conservation of the grass and grains he needed... he grew the fruits he was fond of... He did selection of the best among the natural variability...Later, he started agriculture...and finally, selecting those types which yielded more than the one he was growing earlier.

PLANT BREEDING was continuous process...Earlier man never knew how variation occurred...and never knew how it was occurring... and how it perpetuated.

The science of GENETICS opened up a whole new area of knowledge.. the knowledge which catered the needs of ever growing global population.. The knowledge which is going to sustain the generations to come..